From small MVPs to world-changing digital products. Solutions & technologies tailored directly to your business, its market and users. We offers a service to update or replace your outdated legacy systems.


Friendly, attractive and intuitive designs to make your users buy with their eyes. Up to date with the latest UX & UI trends. Unique identity of your product.

ERP Development Services

With our extensive experience in ERP services, we build your desired outcome into a reality that will help you to thrive in this technological revolutionized world.

AI Development

Use AI to supercharge your organisation.We are specialists in the practial application of Artificial Intelligence. Increase Sales,reduce costs and automate support on Bots.

About Us

AagPaa Software Solutions

Our company founded in 2016 is present in the International market as a supplier of innovative solutions, adding business value through technological implementation at a professional level. We provide consistent results in emerging fields such as Mobile and Web-based Business Applications, E-commerce, -payment, E-security, E-health, Enterprise & Resource Planning, Entertainment and Gaming Industry. We provide a full spectrum of services that include IT Consulting, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration and much more. Our team continuously fulfills our partners’ demands by constantly updating our knowledge,conquering new areas of expertise, increasing the quality of our consultancy and support services. We build long lasting relationships with our business partners, easily adapting to each one of their requirements. We have continuously shown that we are ready and able to meet the challenges faced in today's technical world.Learn More

Our Previous Projects

Target Industries

AagPaa serves businesses in all major sectors, providing exceptional software solutions for large corporations, mid-sized enterprises, and startups. We use industry-specific knowledge and custom-tailor our products to each customer's unique needs.

Finance and Banking

In today’s world of digital transformation, financial services companies are juggling heightened regulatory and data security requirements, increased risk of attack, and growing customer expectations for connectivity, transparency, flexibility, and a seamless user experience. At AagPaa, our expert business analysts and developers partner with financial services companies to develop the software solutions they need to achieve that frictionless experience with world-class security.


In today’s digital world, healthcare companies are juggling rigorous internal processes, strict regulatory requirements, and growing patient expectations for convenient, transparent, and personal interactions with medical professionals. At AagPaa, we partner with healthcare companies to develop the software solutions they need to improve every aspect of patient care.


Whether you’re building single-family homes, luxury mixed-use condos, or large office buildings, construction projects have countless moving parts, and their progress relies on dozens of variables, many of which are out of your control. But custom software makes it simple to keep everything running smoothly, automating management and empowering your business — and its buildings — to grow.

Wholesale and Retail

Our software solutions help streamline operations and optimize processes for wholesalers and retailers, increasing margins, enhancing customer relationships, and improving the bottom line.


As educational institutions across the country embrace technology to improve student outcomes, traditional learning environments are becoming a thing of the past. At AagPaa, we partner with educators to develop the software solutions they need to help their students succeed.


In order to stay ahead of the curve, logistics companies must invest in cutting-edge software systems to automate process and optimize operations efficiency and scalability. We architect, create, and maintain state-of-the-art custom software systems for logistics and transportation industry companies nationwide.

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We take extreme pride in being able to serve large and medium enterprises in almost all industry segments,

providing solutions to complex business requirements, and generating value in our delivery system.


Prof. Rakesh Sehgal

AaagPaa Software is the best website and software company

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Companies like AagPaa Softwares are rare to seen. No words to express the time to time suggestions by the company. Very cooperative staff with customer satisfaction motive.

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